Monday, November 7, 2011

7(x1) Samurai

I saw David Gaines solo show 7 (x1) Samurai at the Phoenix Fringe Festival in 2009 and my first impression was "... how exhausting." Mr. Gaines acts out the Kurosawa film epic of seven samurai complete with the seven individual mercenaries, the band of bad guys and an entire town full of villagers all by himself. And he plays all these characters practically without words. It is an amazing feat of cartoonish pantomime, countless sound effects and superhuman endurance.

Mr. Gaines is currently blitzing the festival circuit with his show, so keep an eye out. Go see it if you have a chance. Info at:

Friday, November 4, 2011

George Watsky

Solo performance is a damn versatile medium. George Watsky is a poet and rapper in his mid-twenties. Though he has appeared on television and rocks lots of new media (his YouTube channel is widely viewed) he has put together several solo theatre pieces over the last few years.

Here's a good article describing a recent show in Boston that combined audience participation (through text message surveys) and the overall format of the show. Here's some of Watsky in performance..

On a personal note, his album "A New Kind of Sexy" on his Bandcamp page is available for purchase at a wonderful name-your-price rate. Highly recommended if you are into what Watsky does.