Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Slavin on HowlRound

Scott Wesley Slavin, solo theatre director and Executive Director of All For One in New York writes a seriously awesome article about solo performance over on HowlRound. It is entitled "Theatre of Transformation." See the whole article... HERE.

Favorite snippets:

I have always thought of solo theatre as an act of defiance—I once heard defiance described as rebellion with a purpose. I like that. Solo theatre artists rebel from traditional entertainment forms in order to give what’s calling inside them a life—an opportunity to become itself and make its impact.

The first opportunity most solo artists get to share their work is in a major festival, such as a Fringe or United Solo. Instead of a trusted group, the solo artist faces a theatre of strangers—or a varied group of friends who may not know this part of their life or care for the theatre. It takes strength of character to step in front of such an audience and perform deeply revealing material—material the artist often knows still has problems and may even doubt works at all—for sixty minutes or more.

Beautiful. Again, check it out... HERE 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Three Structural Elements from Matt Hoverman on HowlRound

Matt Hoverman      [credit: http://sonic.wikia.com/]

Matt Hoverman has posted a delightful article on HowlRound entitled "Letters to a Young Solo Show Artist"

According to his epistolary advice, there are "three structural elements of a great autobiographical solo show..."

  1. A clear persona
  2. A clear story
  3. A clearly stated theme

Totally worth a read. Dig it... HERE.