Friday, October 28, 2016

Say Thanks after the Performance

Theatre people, particularly actors, are not always great at taking compliments/feedback/criticism/etc. from audience members after a performance. In the lobby, post-show, one can find actors making excuses, leaning into a compliments, becoming defensive or pleading for a second chance. These are not a great responses. I have found the best policy is just to say "thank you," and then, you know, live your life. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Daisey to livestream Trump Show

Mike Daisey will be performing his  one-man show about Donald Trump, THE TRUMP CARD from Broadway, November 1st and It will be livestreamed via for FREE. 

This man is an excellent solo performer and his shows are more often than not hilarious and razor sharp brilliant. This performance is directed by Isaac Butler.

For info and tickets to see it live in the theatre:

[NOTE: Daisey has offered the friends and fans code via his website: DAISEY50]

[NOTE: If you missed the show you can listen to a recording on Soundcloud... HERE]