Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Solo Spotlight On: YOGA BITCH by Suzanne Morrison

"Alternately side-splitting and stomach-curdling, writer/actress Suzanne Morrison's autobiographical monologue is savagely funny. . . . Through sheer force of talent and personality, she is able to shock and horrify patrons without sacrificing their implicit faith in the complete and total logic of each decision that she makes. Ambitious, ballsy, and hilarious, Yoga Bitch is surely the best one-woman show I've seen all year."
--Virginia Zech, Seattle Weekly

When Suzanne Morrison arrived in Bali for a two-month yoga retreat, she thought she was on the path to inner peace and killer abs. She imagined that she would return to the States a changed person, no longer cowering in the shadows of life but instead making like a scented candle and calling herself Tranquility. But the universe had other plans for her...

In her hilarious solo show, Suzanne Morrison explores her attempts to find her Higher Self in a strange world where blenders become possessed by spirits, Prada lust is at a fever-pitch, a milkshake can throw a guru into a rage, and everyone around her tries to make her drink her own pee. Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory, Yoga Bitch offers an irreverent glimpse at what can go wrong on the road to enlightenment. 

More info on Suzanne Morrison at her blog. More info on the show here.

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