Saturday, April 12, 2014

Slavin in the UK

Scott Wesley Slavin
All for One’s Managing Director Scott Wesley Slavin has begun a series of blog posts called "Lessons From Solo Theater in the UK" about traveling to see solo shows in England. Over on the All For One blog. Here's a snippet of the first post: 
Time and again I’ve watched theater audiences forgive just about every mishap and clumsy execution they’re forced to endure in a live performance–except one: a lack of insight into the human condition. Our hunger for theater comes from our ever-present hunger to be pulled from the shell of our habitual defenses and raised up into the world again, alive and feeling. Travel wakes us, restores us. We see the world–and ourselves, warts and all–with fresh eyes. It offers its own Hero’s Journey, from which we can return with barrels of new elixir.

Worth a look. His first post deals with "Getting out of Kansas" and the next (of three) is called "Forget the Text" about devised theatre.

See it... HERE

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