Sunday, June 28, 2015

Apply for Razor's Edge

Bremner Duthie sent word on a new project he and group of folks are putting together in New Orleans this fall... 

Hi Solo Performance Friends, 

A word about the first New Orleans Solo Festival happening this November. 

 ‘Razor’s Edge Solo Performance Festival’ is looking for all types of solo performance: storytelling, cabaret, improv, dance, musical, puppetry, multimedia, stand-up, spoken word, magic, tragedy, comedy, performance art, and other expressions of one person alone on stage. Premieres of new works and previously produced shows are welcome from experienced artists and emerging new talents. Selected shows will be presented Nov 12th to 22nd as part of our first annual festival. Applications are now open. 

The Festival is running two venues: one black box with full theatrical facilities and a more intimate café/cabaret space suitable for monologues and storytelling. 

All Razor's Edge artists will have access to the Razor's Edge publicist, a detailed presence on our website, inclusion in all our promotional materials, full tech support, stage management, venue management, and the support of the Razor's Edge organizers before and during the festival. 

We are thrilled that at the same time as Razor’s Edge, performers from across North America will be coming to New Orleans to be part of a new multi-disciplinary festival called Faux/Real. Faux/Real is the evolution of the New Orleans Fringe Festival. 

They are taking the Fringe’s huge success in facilitating BYOV production and making that the core of their new festival. This year, each Razor’s Edge artist will also be a Faux/Real participant, with all the benefits that entails: a full listing in the Faux/Real program and website, participation in the central box office, and support from the Faux/Real publicist. Both Razor's Edge venues are steps away from Faux/Real's box office and food truck festival. 

So the artists in Razor’s Edge will have the publicity from the Razor’s Edge, (website and publicist and some kind of simple brochure), plus all the benefits listed above (full tech support, stage management, venue management, and the support of the Razor's Edge organizers), and also the support and publicity from Faux/Real (website/printed program/publicist/eventbrite box office). We hope that this will be a winning combination to attract audience and the attention of the press. 

Razor's Edge will be doing a 75% return of box office to artists. We're suggesting that $15 ticket fee, but we're open to negotiation for ticket prices. 

The upfront fee for the festival is basically the fee for Faux/Real ($250). What we are hoping is that being part of this larger festival (Faux/Real New Orleans) that we will piggyback on their audiences and their publicity machine. 

If you have a solid solo show and are interested, visit the websit at: 

Application fee is $25 and application deadline is August 1, 2015.

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