Monday, November 9, 2015

Robert Michael Oliver on The Incredible Shrinking Ensemble: Is Solo Performance Theatre’s Future?

Kathleen Turner in Philadelphia Theatre Company’s
production of Red Hot Patriot The Kick-a*s Wit of Molly Ivins.
Photo by Mark Gavin.

In an article posted on the a few years ago, Robert Michael Oliver wrote an interesting piece about the rise of solo performance in the theatre. He hypothesized it to be the future of regional theatre...

[The] emergence [of solo performance] as a presence at mid-sized theatres, however, is most likely a harbinger of things to come. 

Though the entire article is implicitly aimed at deriding solo performance as actual theatre, he makes several strong points. It is worth looking at, even if to see what you may or may not agree with...

The audience can listen attentively and imagine their significance and what they must have been like, but within the frame of the one-person performance those scenes cannot affect us emotionally the way drama does.

Check it out... HERE

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